The Struggle to be More Mature than My Kids…

I’m 40. It shouldn’t be difficult to for me to behave with more maturity than my 4, 10, and 12 year olds. But, alas, some days my biggest challenge is to do just that. I caught myself the other day telling one child not to yell at the other just because one was cranky andContinue reading “The Struggle to be More Mature than My Kids…”

Dealing with Tween Emotion Rollercoasters

My 11 year old had been asking for a couple of weeks for me to set up a play date with his friend. Since we were taking the week of Thanksgiving off of school, I set it up for Monday morning. Sunday night, he and his sister were having trouble behaving at bedtime after promisingContinue reading “Dealing with Tween Emotion Rollercoasters”