Is Violence in Christian Fiction OK?

One writing project I’ve been working on over the years is a middle grade historical fiction novel that takes place in the antebellum south. A white boy befriends a slave while they both work on a plantation. In the story, the boy hears the slave being whipped. I don’t believe I was overly graphic aboutContinue reading “Is Violence in Christian Fiction OK?”

Close calls and living without fear

We were driving home from church yesterday, heading down a curving, two lane road very close to home. We were getting close to a large curve when another car came from the opposite direction. It came to the curve and didn’t turn, but rather crossed into our lane and almost ended up in the ditchContinue reading “Close calls and living without fear”

How bumpy was your homeschooling road this week?

It was the first week back to school after a long Christmas break. Christmas is over, the decorations are taken down, and the next break in sight in Easter. The temperatures for most of the country were literally colder than Siberia. Wow. What is a homeschooling parent to do to remain sane and patient? I’mContinue reading “How bumpy was your homeschooling road this week?”

Patience and Wisdom

  Patience. That frequently elusive trait that everyone thinks home schoolers abound in. (Trust me – we don’t!) It’s that thing needed when a child leaves the garage freezer open for hours in 90 degree heat, or when the toddler refuses to nap yet again, despite being clearly tired. It’s what’s needed most when theContinue reading “Patience and Wisdom”

Fear not!

Do you struggle with fear in your parenting, your homeschooling, and in life? I sure do. I fear that our family will come down with this nasty stomach virus that’s going around, or worse, some horrid disease. I fear the direction our country is going and that homeschooling won’t stay legal. I fear that my kidsContinue reading “Fear not!”