My Monday Stunk Big Time! How was Yours?

Earlier today, I was a spineless clot of grievances. (I believe that was a quote from a Beth Moore Bible study… I just love it and it has stuck.) I woke up grouchy. I dunno why, but I just was. Perhaps the chocolate bar my daughter gave me yesterday… Or I’m just a sinful humanContinue reading “My Monday Stunk Big Time! How was Yours?”

7 Tips for Staying Sane This Winter

It’s cold outside. REALLY cold. So cold that I feel like if I let my kids outside I may incur a visit from Child Protective Services. So, the kids are cooped up inside. We had a nice Christmas break, but now the cold, dark expanse of January, February, and March loom ahead. There isn’t muchContinue reading “7 Tips for Staying Sane This Winter”

Are We Afraid to be Real?

Listening to the Christian radio station yesterday, a woman called in to tell her story of what God had done in her life. She was a homeschooling mother of six, which immediately caught my attention. She explained that she had recently tried to take her own life. She had left the house, checked into aContinue reading “Are We Afraid to be Real?”

The Day We Reproduced School at Home and the Surprising Things We Learned

Just before Christmas, my older two kids (ages 10 and 12) had particularly challenging attitudes about school. I know they were tired, excited about Christmas, etc, but the attitudes, especially from the 12 year old, were just not cool. The day he started complaining that he still had another page of math left to doContinue reading “The Day We Reproduced School at Home and the Surprising Things We Learned”

Has Homeschooling Been a Bumpy Spiritual Road?

I am so thankful for the freedom to homeschool my kids. I’m thrilled that I can keep them out of the public school mess and teach them at their own speed, cater to their interests and abilities, and eliminate the wasted time schools have to spend on crowd control. (Well, maybe I still have someContinue reading “Has Homeschooling Been a Bumpy Spiritual Road?”

Dealing with Tween Emotion Rollercoasters

My 11 year old had been asking for a couple of weeks for me to set up a play date with his friend. Since we were taking the week of Thanksgiving off of school, I set it up for Monday morning. Sunday night, he and his sister were having trouble behaving at bedtime after promisingContinue reading “Dealing with Tween Emotion Rollercoasters”

The Bema Seat and Plastic Model Contests?

My husband and two older kids build plastic models for fun. They also enjoy entering their models in contests. We recently returned from our family vacation to Virginia, where the three of them entered the national contest. There were 1600 models there with contestants from all over the country and some from outside the U.S.Continue reading “The Bema Seat and Plastic Model Contests?”

I Can’t Handle Any More Tragedies!

It’s a privilege to pray for others. Absolutely. But as I surf my facebook page, read my email, and watch the news, it’s overwhelming how much pain and heartache there is out there. I recently saw a facebook post about a family who lost a young child to a tragic drowning accident. Someone in myContinue reading “I Can’t Handle Any More Tragedies!”