Homeschool Tips: Structure and Schedules

We are living in interesting times! When we started our own homeschool journey 12 years ago, I never would have thought that homeschooling would become mandatory for a everyone for a time! I think back on all the hard won lessons I learned when we first started – mostly learned the hard way. I don’tContinue reading “Homeschool Tips: Structure and Schedules”

Why did I write ‘Trouble the Water’?

Since the publication of my new book, Trouble the Water, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about why I decided to write it. It’s geared primarily toward middle grade readers (roughly ages 10-14) but I have had adults tell me they have enjoyed it as well. It takes place in the pre-Civil War south andContinue reading “Why did I write ‘Trouble the Water’?”

Is Violence in Christian Fiction OK?

One writing project I’ve been working on over the years is a middle grade historical fiction novel that takes place in the antebellum south. A white boy befriends a slave while they both work on a plantation. In the story, the boy hears the slave being whipped. I don’t believe I was overly graphic aboutContinue reading “Is Violence in Christian Fiction OK?”

Help for the Highly Distractable Homeschool Mom

“Mom, I need help on my math,” my daughter calls from the other room. I stop folding the laundry and go in to help her. After reviewing fractions with her for a couple minutes, the 4 year old’s timer goes off, signalling the end of his screen time for the morning. I enforce that andContinue reading “Help for the Highly Distractable Homeschool Mom”

I Finally Found the Perfect Homeschool Schedule!

Just kidding. Sorry. Trust me, I’ve searched high and low to find the perfect schedule and it still eludes me. I keep refining it and I find some things that work, but then other things don’t work. Since the first of the year, we start school earlier (8:30am) and have the big kids (ages 10Continue reading “I Finally Found the Perfect Homeschool Schedule!”

Fun Ways to Use Bananagrams to Teach Reading

There are tons of websites out there about how to teach our kids, so I don’t generally try to compete with them, but this will be one exception. My four year old is on the brink of reading. Seeing that light bulb go on is one of my favorite parts of homeschooling. 🙂 This littleContinue reading “Fun Ways to Use Bananagrams to Teach Reading”

The Struggle to be More Mature than My Kids…

I’m 40. It shouldn’t be difficult to for me to behave with more maturity than my 4, 10, and 12 year olds. But, alas, some days my biggest challenge is to do just that. I caught myself the other day telling one child not to yell at the other just because one was cranky andContinue reading “The Struggle to be More Mature than My Kids…”

Is Homeschooling an Idol?

I was listening to a podcast recently from Homeschooling in Real Life that I found very convicting. It was about a homeschool mom who had fallen into the trap of legalism and what it did to her and her family. I highly recommend listening yourself. Here is one of the thoughts it raised in me andContinue reading “Is Homeschooling an Idol?”