My first published book is about the early part of my homeschooling journey, called “The Bumpy Road: Growing in Christ While Homechooling Your Kids”. It’s not a “how to” book on homeschooling, but rather a look at the ways that God has used homeschooling to help me grow in my relationship with God. It’s available in both Kindle and print versions.

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My next book is a work of fiction designed for middle grade readers, entitled “Trouble the Water”.

How do you decide what is right or wrong? What if you start to think that something your society says is right is really very wrong? These are two questions that thirteen year old Jack must wrestle with in rural South Carolina, 1835. Jack’s family owns one slave, Mammy, whom they treat as part of the family. To earn extra money, Jack works in the stables of his uncle’s plantation. Elijah, the slave he works with there, has a deep, unwavering faith that Jack finds inspiring. Jack begins to question the way slaves on his uncle’s plantation are treated. Then, a harrowing trip to Charleston deepens his uncertainty about the morality of slavery. When he learns of Mammy’s long kept secret, he is determined to help her. His own faith is put to the test when he is faced with an opportunity to right a wrong done to Mammy. Is he willing to risk his life to do what is right? This middle grade historical fiction novel will challenge your 9-12 year old to look to God to decide what is right or wrong, rather than the society around them. There is a free learning packet available that includes parent chapter summaries, discussion questions and vocabulary words. Excellent for homeschooling parents to use with their history curriculum.

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