I’m Not Patient…

Angry, Frustrated Woman

Before all of this started, the most common objection I would hear about homeschooling was “Oh, I’m not patient enough to do that.” Right. Neither am I, actually. I can pretty much guarantee that you’re not either, nor is anyone who has ever homeschooled. If Jesus had kids and He homeschooled them, then He would be patient enough. But He’s the only one.

On a normal day in normal circumstances, we who have chosen homeschooling get impatient with our kids. We lose our temper, we bark, we feel like pulling our hair out, we think we can’t do this and that yellow bus looks mighty attractive. Don’t get me wrong, we do generally enjoy teaching our kids, but we absolutely get frustrated and impatient, too.

Those of you who have had homeschooling dumped on your laps – THESE ARE NOT NORMAL DAYS OR NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES! We homeschoolers-by-choice had the opportunity to plan, research, choose curriculum we liked and that worked for our kids, we had the library to get materials from, co ops, field trips and support groups to attend, and we could get together with our friends. All those things helped us maintain some level of sanity while homeschooling.

You guys have none of that. (And now we homeschoolers-by-choice don’t have all those outlets either!) On top of that, we’re living in a very stressful, ever changing, unprecedented time in our history. I don’t know of anyone who becomes more patient as life gets more stressful. Parents are stressed, kids are stressed and no one has anywhere to go.

[For the record, I just had to pause from writing this to bark at my 9 year old who was bugging my 17 year old… the struggle is real!]

So don’t feel like you suck at this homeschooling thing because you’re having a hard time making this all work while providing a picture perfect happy homeschooling home. (And some of you are trying to work from home at the same time!) You’re human. This is all really crazy. It’s going to be messy. That’s OK.

Take time to enjoy your kids. Play board games with them, have laundry folding contests, take walks. Broaden your definition of education. They can help you cook, learn about car maintenance, help you plan meals, learn a new hobby, etc.



Get exercise.

Limit your (and their) exposure to the news and media.


Make things. 

Above all, give yourself grace. Let up on the pressure. Do the best you can in this wacky, unexpected situation.

If you have questions about what the Bible teaches about having a personal relationship with Jesus, see my page called religion or relationship.


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Joe and Amy have been a husband and wife team since 1999. Joe is a master degree electrical engineer with 7 patents. He's done extensive research on the scientific evidence for a literal, 6 day creation. Amy is a writer and homeschooling mom to 3 kids.

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