I Finally Found the Perfect Homeschool Schedule!

Just kidding. Sorry. Trust me, I’ve searched high and low to find the perfect schedule and it still eludes me. I keep refining it and I find some things that work, but then other things don’t work. Since the first of the year, we start school earlier (8:30am) and have the big kids (ages 10Continue reading “I Finally Found the Perfect Homeschool Schedule!”

Fun Ways to Use Bananagrams to Teach Reading

There are tons of websites out there about how to teach our kids, so I don’t generally try to compete with them, but this will be one exception. My four year old is on the brink of reading. Seeing that light bulb go on is one of my favorite parts of homeschooling. šŸ™‚ This littleContinue reading “Fun Ways to Use Bananagrams to Teach Reading”

The Struggle to be More Mature than My Kids…

I’m 40. It shouldn’t be difficult to for me to behave with more maturity than my 4, 10, and 12 year olds. But, alas, some days my biggest challenge is to do just that. I caught myself the other day telling one child not to yell at the other just because one was cranky andContinue reading “The Struggle to be More Mature than My Kids…”

Is Homeschooling an Idol?

I was listening to a podcast recently from Homeschooling in Real LifeĀ that I found very convicting. It was about a homeschool mom who had fallen into the trap of legalism and what it did to her and her family. I highly recommend listening yourself. Here is one of the thoughts it raised in me andContinue reading “Is Homeschooling an Idol?”

My Monday Stunk Big Time! How was Yours?

Earlier today, I was a spineless clot of grievances. (I believe that was a quote from a Beth Moore Bible study… I just love it and it has stuck.) I woke up grouchy. I dunno why, but I just was. Perhaps the chocolate bar my daughter gave me yesterday… Or I’m just a sinful humanContinue reading “My Monday Stunk Big Time! How was Yours?”

7 Tips for Staying Sane This Winter

It’s cold outside. REALLY cold. So cold that I feel like if I let my kids outside I may incur a visit from Child Protective Services. So, the kids are cooped up inside. We had a nice Christmas break, but now the cold, dark expanse of January, February, and March loom ahead. There isn’t muchContinue reading “7 Tips for Staying Sane This Winter”

Are We Afraid to be Real?

Listening to the Christian radio station yesterday, a woman called in to tell her story of what God had done in her life. She was a homeschooling mother of six, which immediately caught my attention. She explained that she had recently tried to take her own life. She had left the house, checked into aContinue reading “Are We Afraid to be Real?”